Change Is Weather's Only Constant

Cool nights, plenty of snow and constant change are things you can pretty much count on from Central Vermont's weather. Putting too much faith in the weather report can be damaging to your plans.

Average Monthly Temperatures

The difference between the day's high and low temperatures averages 24 degrees, providing sleeping comfort even on the hottest summer night. The average high peaks at 81 degrees in July. It bottoms out at 27 degrees in January when the average low is 4 degrees. Even in July, the average low is 55 degrees.

Snowfall is about nine feet a year. Only June, July, August and September regularly escape measurable amounts. Most of the snow comes in fewer than a half-dozen major storms, which may drop several feet at a time. However, exceptional road crews keep traffic flowing with few interruptions. Fortunately, winter humidity is relatively low, and the dry cold is tolerable. Consistent winter cold means that most of the snow that falls after Thanksgiving will still be around in March. Makes for some great Skiing in Central Vermont.

Many feet of melting snow, combined with spring rain and dirt roads, leads to a one-month season ­ "mud season" ­ that is uniquely Vermont.

Air conditioning is not required. While there are 8,100 heating degree days annually, there are just 265 cooling degree days. July averages 121 cooling degree days while August accounts for another 80. June and September account for the balance.

Heating degree days exceed 1,000 each month December through March, and peak in January at 1,500.


Central Vermont has just over 40 inches of annual precipitation. About 30 inches falls as rain. The other 10 generate 108 inches of snow.

With the mountains for their easel, the seasons paint an ever-changing masterpiece. The fall colors are known worldwide, but other seasons are just as beautiful. A fresh snowfall serenely blankets the ground while leaving tufts like cotton on tree branches. Spring brings a mix of brown and green in every shade and hue as leaves are reborn.

A hearty breed have come to appreciate Vermont year-round.

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