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The Central Vermont Chamber of Commerce encourages all residents to keep in touch with legislators and local officials. This section includes issues of interest to business and residents of Central Vermont and convenient contact with Central Vermont Legislators.

State Mandates Universal Sick Leave - With the passage of Act 69, Vermont has chosen to require even Vermont's smallest employers to provide paid time off for personal or family sickness, doctor's appointments, domestic abuse or stalking. 

Health Care Position - A recent update of the Chamber’s health care position points out that there is no single action that will contain rising costs, but rather that action is needed on various fronts. The Chamber believes that consumers, not government, offer the best oversight of health care. Central Vermont Chamber Position on Health Care

Vermont: State of Financial Crisis 
The gap between Vermont’s projected revenues and its future expenditures has become a chasm that widens with each passing year. Identified at a Chamber workshop in 2009, the state's quest to find new revenues to continue its spending at unsustainable rates continuing today.

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Local Option Taxes  were again soundly defeated in Barre, but Montpelier has chosen to tax those staying in guest rooms or dining in the city.
More at www.localoptiontaxes.com

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